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Student Resources


Chem Blog 

Be first to hear about job and internship opportunities, undergraduate events, and more!

TritonLink Tools 

Access online tools for students including Advising, Classes & Enrollment, Financial tools, and Grades & Transcripts.

Career Tools

A suite of tools that range from Career Assessment & Exploration, Job Search tools, Interview Prep, and Networking.

Engaged Learning Tools

A suite of tools to help students navigate finding a job (REAL Portal), marketing their
experiences to future employers (Portfolium), validates their Co-Curricular Experiences
on campus(CCR), and lastly, provides additional contextual information about a student’s
courses and instructors (Enhanced Electronic Transcript.)

Division of Physical Sciences Student Success Center

The Center is committed to fostering an inclusive and welcoming learning community, engaging students in the process of developing and pursuing meaningful career paths and developing lifelong career management skills. To that end, the Center is dedicated to promoting a sustainable culture of academic excellence among all students within the Division of Physical Science and increasing retention and graduation rates.

Check out their Undergrad Student Organizations here!

Academic Resources


OASIS Math and Science Workshops are structured group-learning study-sessions led by a tutor who explains course concepts and encourages a collaborative learning environment. They offer specific workshop for general chemistry help.

OASIS General Chemistry Workshops 

Each workshop session is 2 hours and meets twice a week. Attendance is mandatory.

Teaching & Learning Commons


Teaching + Learning Commons 

Math and Science Supplemental Instruction (SI) Sessions

The Supplemental Instruction (SI) program provides academic support for students who are enrolled in courses that have been challenging to students in the past.  SI Leaders attend all lectures alongside the students, so they are aware of the topics being covered in the class. In SI sessions, SI Leaders do not re-lecture or introduce new material. Rather, SI Leaders are trained to maximize active student involvement with the course material and to integrate how-to-learn with what-to-learn. As a result, students who attend SI sessions have a greater grasp of the course materials and are able apply the learning skills they learn to other courses.

Math and Science Tutoring

Tutors provide: supportive, focused and on-task assistance; assistance with developing strategies for understanding concepts, solving problems, and preparing for exams; guidance on problems similar to homework. Tutoring sessions are 30-minutes long with up to 2 students. Students are able to schedule a session with a tutor up to 5 minutes before the session start time. Please view the website ( for the schedule and link to make an appointment. 


Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) provides an opportunity for students to actively and deeply learn course content by engaging in discussion with peers enrolled in the class. These groups are not meant to be tutoring or review sessions.  The Leaders prepare session plans to encourage and guide students in teaching and learning with each other. It is offered through the Academic Achievement Hub at UC San Diego.

Get hands on help for General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. Supplemental Instruction (SI) leaders work with TA's and instructors to give students course and instructor specific support. See more information here.

Private Tutoring

Each year, the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department compiles a "Tutor for Hire" list. All tutors listed are Juniors, Seniors, or Graduate students who have earned an A- or better in the subject matter for which they are listed as an available tutor. Arrangements (pay, location, etc.) are arranged entirely between the tutor and tutee. 

Please contact us at if you are a current UCSD student taking a chemistry class and would like to obtain a copy of our Tutor for Hire list.  

Student Life Resources


The UCSD-American Chemical Society Student Affiliates is a student run organization offering services to all UCSD Chemistry majors and the local San Diego community. The following is just a partial list of some of our activities and events:

-Guest speakers (including medical, pharmacy, and graduate schools)
-On-campus research with UCSD Biochem/Chem Faculties
-Socials and Outreach events
-Company Tours
-Lab Supplies Sales

Weekly meeting: Wednesday 6:30-8:00 pm at NSB 1205

Undergraduate Events

2020 event details TBD

Undergraduate Alumni Spotlight



Andrew Bergdorf 


Class of 2016 - Biochemistry/Chemistry

Current: Bioanalytical Scientist at MicroConstants


Cole Carter


Class of 2016 - Chemistry

Current: PhD student at Northwestern University, working in Organometallics with Tobin Marks


Josh Cox


Class of 2016 - Chemistry

Current: Chemistry Ph.D. Student at Harvard University in the Keutsch Lab


Jessie Davis


Class of 2017 - Biochemistry/Chemistry

Current: Ph.D. student at Harvard University Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology



Eddie Dellamary


Class of 2016 - Chemistry

Current: Masters in Materials Science in Luleå University of Technology (Northern Sweden)


Adrienne Desens


Class of 2015 - Biochemistry/Chemistry

Current: Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate 2020 at Keck Graduate Institute and part-time medical writer


Darlene Nguyen


Class of 2017 - Chemistry

Current: M.S at UCSD in Protein crystallography



Robin Richardson


Class of 2016 - Environmental Chemistry

Current: Research Scientist at Epic Sciences in Immunohistochemistry


Stephanie Smith


Class of 2017 - Chemistry and NanoEngineering

Current: M.S. at UCSD in NanoEngineering 


Lindsey Wells


Class of 2017 - Biochemistry/Chemistry

Current: Assistant Scientist TriLink Biotechnologies, Inc.


Carolyn White


Class of 2016 - Chemical Physics

Current: PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania in Physical Chemistry