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Computing Services Information

The Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty receive computing and network services directly from the campus Administrative Computing and Telecommunications (ACT) and Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) departments. Below are some important information:

UCSD Email Account

The department does not maintain a mail server. For faculty and staff, the creation of a UCSD email account is automatically triggered during the hiring process.  However, we can request a UCSD email account for visitors and volunteers, if necessary. Most visitors and volunteers will simply need a MyAffiliates SSO account for access needed to satisfy Lab Safety training requirements. Please contact Human Resources (HR) to obtain the proper UCSD and Department affiliation.  HR will then make the request to on your behalf.

UCSD Business System Sign-On

You can now self-register online for a Single Sign-On (SSO) login and password to gain access to a number of UCSD resources. For complete information, please visit:

Getting Support for your Office and Lab Computers

The department does not have computing support for faculty and their research. If you need computing assistance, ACMS offers a variety of free or fee-based services ranging from email support to hardware repair, network support and instructional computing support. For more information, please visit: and

Instructional Technology Support (ITS)

The ACMS ITS group supports the current campus wide LMS, Ted. Their website is at:

Website Support

The department offers website hosting services. Please send a request to We also provide a departmental Faculty Profile web page that contains a brief description of your research profile. There is an online tool for you to create and maintain (update) your own profile. To access the Profile Update tool, please visit:

Guides to UCSD Information Technologies

Please visit:

Faculty Resources:

Computers and Information Technology Overview:

Instructional Materials for Faculty:

Contact Us

If you have any questions please send email to: